Arma 3 AGGRESSORS mod updated


The CAF Team has released a new version of their AGGRESSORS mod. This mod adds 3 new OPFOR factions, including Middle Eastern insurgents for anyone who misses fighting the Arma 2 Takistanis, and has no mod requirements.

IMPORTANT – You must delete CAF_AG (the 1.0 release) before installing the new version!

UPDATE – An important hotfix has just been released. Install this over the 1.5 update.




CAF_AG1.5 brings 3 new factions to the game in 1 easy to download and manage mod ( @CAF_AG1.5 ). Each faction is based on an existing group that have shown aggression towards western powers over the last decade.

Included factions:

– African Pirates and Civilians

– Middle Eastern Tribal Fighters and Civilians

– Eastern European Rebels



TESTED AND PROVEN on dedicated servers
Built for and works out of the box with ALIVE
Self contained weapons pack – AK47, AK74, AK74GL, RPK, PKM, SVD, RPG7
Head Gear and clothing from A2 Samples
Custom randomization scripts for each faction and their vehicles
10,8,6,4 man groups for infantry, 2 car technical groups
Random chance of Strela launcher depending on faction
Middle East and African Civilians



-Pirates = caf_ag_afr_p
-Civlians = caf_ag_afr_civ

Middle East:
-Tribal Fighters = caf_ag_me_t
-Civilians = caf_ag_me_civ

East Europe:
-Rebels = caf_ag_eeur_r





-fixes Group issues with Middle East Fighters and Server Verification issues

-Fixed many many errors, should be much more stable
-Pack re-written completely, Must DELETE 1.0 or you will have issues
-Added Civilians for Africa and Middle East
-Added NEW weapon sounds by JSRS
-Groups tweaked slightly
-Factions re-named
-Added MCC compatibility
-classlists.txt included in download (@CAF_AG1.5\classlists.txt)

Initial Release




Official BI forum thread


Preview Images: