Geronimo’s Slumber Party

Coming Soon


Below are some preview images from the upcoming mission “Geronimo’s Slumber Party”, which features the most accurate rendition of Osama bin Laden’s infamous Abbottabad compound yet achieved for Arma 3.

Creation of the compound in Arma 3 was achieved using a variety of techniques, including using a transparent overlay from satellite images to arrive at the proper proportions in the BIS Editor. Then the entire model was scaled up slightly to better match the size of ingame buildings and objects, and to provide better gameplay and flow for multiplayer co-op.

“Geronimo’s Slumber Party” features DEVGRU operators, as well as a garrison of Tehrik-e Taliban (TTP) militants loyal to bin Laden, and well-armed veteran al-Qa’ida soldiers moving in to secure bin Laden’s escape after he is alerted to local CIA intelligence efforts against him.

Players are tasked with an urgent, desperate assault on the compound, against a hasty yet formidable defense, to ensure that bin Laden doesn’t slip away. The mission is currently in alpha testing.

Details to follow as we get closer to release.


Preview Images