Griff’s Sphax Texture Pack For Resonant Rise and Yogscast


This is my own personal Sphax compilation I’ve been working on for Resonant Rise for quite awhile now. It’s an ongoing work in progress, but includes at least 90% of the Resonant Rise world at the moment. Since so many people have been asking for an RR texture pack and none seem to be available, I decided to share mine to give something back to the terrific community of Minecraft fans.

The base Sphax pack contains textures only for vanilla Minecraft; my addon includes textures for dozens of mods included in Resonant Rise, and many that I converted myself from old versions to make them compatible with MC 1.6x. Generally speaking, if it’s not in my pack, there’s a pretty good chance no one has done textures for it yet.

Note – You do NOT actually need to be playing Resonant Rise to enjoy this texture pack! It can be used with any modpack, however the mods included are determined mostly by what is currently being used in Resonant Rise. Griff’s Texture Pack contains the majority of the most popular mods available for Minecraft 1.6, so feel free to try it with other modpacks, or your own custom modded Minecraft.

This resource pack is added on top of the Sphax PureBDCraft base pack, which you will need to download separately. Please follow the instructions below very carefully, as it is very easy to make a mistake that will prevent the resourcepack from loading properly.

Again, you do not need to play Yogscast or Resonant Rise to use this resourcepack. This pack can be used with any virtually modded instance of Minecraft, as it includes most of the popular mods (and then some). It is built against the latest RR, Yogscast, as well as the Direwolf20 1.6 modpack.

No matter what mods you’re using, with almost 140 mods textured by this pack, there’s a good chance you’ll be all set with a nicely textured world using Griff’s Sphax Pack.



Downloads – you’ll need both of them


Here is my addon compilation (currently version 16):

Griff’s Sphax Texture Pack for Resonant Rise


Here’s where to get the Sphax basepack (IMPORTANT – you need the 64x MC1.6.4 version!):

Sphax PureBDCraft for Minecraft




MOD SPOTLIGHT (courtesy of Luke Rideout)



Installation Instructions


To install on PC:

1. Open both files in WinRAR, 7zip, or another archiving app.

2. Drag the “assets” folder from my pack, and drop it into the Sphax pack in the same location, overwriting their “assets” folder. Click OK to overwrite, then close WinRAR.

– Note: Leave both WinRAR windows open, and simply drag and drop the assets folder from my pack into the Sphax basepack. No need to extract either file.

Make sure you show only the “assets” folder in both windows, NOT the next level down with all the mod folders. When you drag and drop, drop into an empty white area near the bottom of the window.

3. Copy the new combined file to your Minecraft resourcepacks folder.

4. Go to “Options–>Resourcepacks” and select the new pack.

5. Gaze in wonderment at your new surroundings.


To install on Mac: (will post when someone can verify steps)


IMPORTANT NOTE: I recommend keeping a fresh, unmodified copy of the Sphax basepack handy. Anytime an update is posted, take the update and add it to the basepack. While installing one update over another will work, there is a chance that later fixes will not work in your game due to old files remaining in your resourcepack. If you experience issues, your first step should be to do a fresh install of my pack over the base Sphax pack.

Please also note that many mods have never been textured whatsoever for BDCraft, and most existing ones have gaps where certain textures have not been updated.

If textures exist that I’m not aware of, please let me know and I will take a look at them, but please do not send me messages about what hasn’t been textured yet. I’m fully aware of what’s missing, or what needs an update.

As I’ve said many times before, I take no credit for these textures, I’ve just been converting stuff from older versions of Minecraft for 1.6x, and working to keep everything nice and compatible, which can be an enormous pain.

Full credits to come, as soon as I can decipher which one originally came from whom, which one was picked up by someone else, etc. I never intended this to be anything more than my own personal pack, so I never felt compelled to keep track.




Any questions or feedback, please join the official discussion thread on the Resonant Rise forums:


Alternate / Extra Downloads


In the event of any issues with the latest pack, previous versions are available here:

Griff’s Texture Pack version 15

Griff’s Texture Pack version 14b