LIFTER for Arma 3 updated


RAV_RAVEN has updated his set of helicopter transport scripts for Arma 2, and adapted them for use in Arma 3. These scripts allow you to sling load and transport just about any type of object by helicopter.

Most noteworthy among the latest changes is added compatibility for Aplion’s ArmA 2 US Helicopters Import to A3.


From the author:


Hello everyone.
After a long long time (which I did not think back to release some script or mod) I’m back .
All credit goes to my brother ( nick : Ground Beef ) with his insistence that managed to adapt my old and dear lifter for ArmA2 (yes, the one who in his day , was part of the fabulous mod ACE).

for those who do not know , LIFTER is a set of scripts that give – as – you mod a helicopter , the ability to transport objects ( of almost any type and form ) suspended by external sling .

This version of the Mod, keeps the operating mode of its predecessor for ArmA2 with the advantages provided arma3 such as PIP capability.

To become familiar with its operation , I recommend that you read the documentation that shed in his day with the version for ArmA 2 ( link at end of post) .

For lazy people , here is a brief summary :
The module automatically applies to helicopters carrying capacity (Those type of attack can not only lift load , it is assumed that the weight of the weapon makes ability prohibitive ) .

To make realistic this function , a constant comparison is made between the volume of the helicopter and the load immediately below it. A routine is responsible for deduction if the load can be transported and decides what kind of sling use (there are 3 types, for light, medium and heavy duty) .

Find the charge within a distance of 3 meters (maximum) from the lower end of the sling hanging under the helicopter to the center of the object to be transported). It requires some skill to fly the load, but it becomes easier with practice. 
There is the ability to turn on a video camera (turn on and off with the H key) presented on a screen in the cockpit, the area of the sling to the load. This camera has normal mode, night-vision and thermal (switch modes with shift + H on). 
The load can be released at any time, with the consequent risk of damage. (<5 meters: No harm, 5-10 medium damage and> 10 total destruction). 
Lift vehicles are not allowed inside staff with the exception of light boats (boats or mini-submarines for spec-ops).

The module covers most of the helicopters currently in use in ArmA 3, but new versions will be included if the community requested (keeping your sanity). 
The loading process is distributed in the pc’s customers (not overload the server). 

It was tested in SP and MP.




LIFTER is a set of scripts that give – as – you mod a helicopter, the ability to transport objects (of almost any type and form) suspended by external sling.




V1.02 01/03/2014
-warnings RPT about Geometry Lod
-Position Adjustments in strings of some classes (Container, Static, and others)
-Increased volume of sounds of objects to impact surface (land and sea)
-Positions Adjustments slings drones

built compatibility
BW extended mod
Arma 2 US Helicopters import
Mi8 from Serbia Mod – A3SM

-Enhanced physics of falling objects thrown
-Some physical free sling

V1.01 24/02/2014
built compatibility
Blu Mohawk
GLT mod

Fixed compatibility

-Corrected lack of recognition of certain kinds of objects
-Adjustments detection range load to be lifted 
-Improved code

V1.00 21/02/2014
Release initial




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