Massi’s USSOCOM 75th Ranger DEVGRU and Delta Force mod updated


One of the few mods I consider essential for Arma 3 has just been updated. As with all of Massi’s mods, they are top notch, and I highly recommend using them.




This addon is a retexture of NATO units, and adds several camouflage uniforms plus multicam and coyote gear and coyote helmets in order to represent US NAVY SEAL DEVGRU units.




v 1.2 date 07/FEB/2014

– added compatibility with ALIVE MOD

– added new weapons and launchers from my NATO Sf/SPETSNAZ weapons pack

– added OA SF helmets

– added breacher units

– updated armor values to meet BI standards

-updated signatures keys




BI forum thread


Preview Images: