Massi’s Russian GRU and OMON Spetsnaz mod updated


Continuing on his progress with updating his many excellent mods, Massi has released a new version of his Russian GRU and OMON Spetsnaz mod.


From the author:


“Hi all,

As said for my African conflict units I’m proceeding with the update of my units pack in order to update vest and helmets armor config values to BI standards, and to equip them with latest weapon included in new version of NATO SF\Spetsnaz weapons pack .

In this update I’ve also added specific group to make the units compatible with ALIVE mod, and I’ve added Spetsnaz helmet ported from A2 thanks to BI MLODs and updated loadouts of the units. Other changes are listed in the changelog\readme.”




This addon is a retexture of NATO, and Independent units, It adds several camouflage uniforms plus custom made headgear and retextured gear in order to represent Russian Spetsnaz GRU and OMON units as OPFOR.




v 1.1 date 02/FEB/2014

– added compatibility with ALIVE MOD

– added new weapons and launchers from my NATO Sf/SPETSNAZ weapons pack

– added new russian GRU helmets

– updated armor values to meet BI standards

-updated signatures keys




BI forum thread


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The one mod I consider the most essential in any Arma 3 install has been updated. Massi just released a new version of his NATO SF and RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ WEAPONS mod.

From the author:


Hi all,
I’ve updated my weapon pack in the few spare time I’ve got.

First of all I’d like to thanks BI for releasing their great A2/OA MLODs which made possible to include in this update new weapons such as A-A launchers, A-T launchers, Bizon, FN FAL, shotguns, and also Vilas again for a compete new family of Ak74M and Ak74M GL with rails for Special Forces.

I tried to fix few issues reported by users, work is still slowly proceeding, the addon is still under development and I’ll work in spare time to complete the pack (for now future plans include adding SCAR family rifles in near future to equip my US Rangers).

Hope you’ll enjoy the update, of course I’ll update as soon as possible also my units in order to equip them with the new weapons included in this pack, and thank you very much to all of you for your support and suggestions!




This addon is meant to equip my US, UK and Italian NATO SF and GRU Spetsnaz units with realistic modern weapons in use today.




v 1.2 date 02/FEB/2014

– Added A-T launchers : M136, MAAWS, RPG 7, RPG 18

– Added A-A launchers : Stinger, Strela

– Added AK74M and AK74M GL Special forces RAILs version black and camo

– Added FN FAL, FN FAL M203

– Added BIZON

– Added M1014 Benelli and SAIGA 12 shotguns

– Added ANPEQ15 on M4s/416/417

– Added ASDG Joint Rails OPTIONAL CONFIG (updated Robalo’s optional config)

– Fixed: aimpoint glass color

– Fixed: small models\textures corrections

– Updated signatures keys

– Updated: config




BI forum release thread


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