bCombat AI Mod update has been released


Fabrizio_T has released a new version of his excellent bCombat AI Mod. We are currently testing this on our private server and I have to say, so far it’s a pretty major improvement over previous versions (not that anything was wrong to begin with).

I will be featuring a guide to Arma 3 AI mods in the near future. For now, I highly recommend installing fabrizio_T’s bCombat mod and giving it a try yourself. It’s quite good!


From the author:


The brave may wish to pick bCombat v0.16 RC from GitHub.

It was freshly committed a few minutes ago. Testing is undergoing.

If you want to check it out please:

– Stick to installation instructions, read the readme.

  • – Debug mode is on by default. Disable it by setting bcombat_dev_mode = false; within config.sqf.




bCombat is an ArmA 3 infantry AI enhancement mod in form of addon, still under development. It’s currently Single Player only. CBA is this only requirement.

bCombat aims to achieve both a more aware and human-alike infantry AI. It features an unique ecosystem, including an event-driven AI morale / skill system as well as many optional AI enhancements.


  • Morale system driving dynamically AI behavour and skills.
  • AI behaviour is affected by many environmental events (spotted enemies, explosions, bullets whizzling by, ricochets, wounds, casualties, …).
  • Modular mod architecture: optional features may be toggled on/off or tweaked at will.
  • Reduced (excessive) AI firing accuracy.
  • AI units proactively lay suppressive fire and suffer sensible morale / skill penalty when suppressed.
  • Increased AI survivability: better use of cover, movement and suppressive fire lead to longer firefights.
  • Player led AI units require far less micro-management on the battlefield.


bCombat core features include:

Full-featured morale system: morale affects both AI behaviour and combat effectiveness. AI will act aggressively or passively depending on circumstances.

  • Event driven AI behaviour: any environmental events such as enemies inbound, heard gunfire, suppressive fire, nearby explosions and ricochets or casualties have an effect on AI behaviour.
  • Real-time suppression effects: bCombat relies on (included) bDetect framework for accessing real-time ballistic information on any bullets flying by on the battlefield.
  • Automatic (gunfire aware) stance handling: units will crouch, sprint or go prone according to situation
  • Enhanced fire & movement routines

Optional (toggleable) features include, as of v0.15:

Custom move to cover behaviour

  • Mutual covering behaviour
  • Suppressive fire behaviour
  • Specialized suppressive / overwatch behaviour
  • Custom fleeing behaviour
  • Surrendering behaviour
  • CQB enhancements
  • Enhanced hearing: units do hear gunfire and explosions at distance
  • Investigate behaviour: units alerted by casualties or gunfire may move to nearby places to investigate enemy presence
  • Enhanced grenade throwing: very short to long distance, includes blind throwing over obstacles
  • Smoke grenade throwing
  • Automatic formation tightening feature
  • Faster movement feature
  • Friendly fire damage capping
  • Custom damage multiplier
  • And more…

All this is delivered pre-configured and ready to go, while it can be tweaked at will via its own configuration file (config.sqf).



Download and install latest CBA distribution, get it from here: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/cca/files




v0.16 RC2
Core features:
* Fixed: Reduction of “idling” overhead for high AI count (200+ units).
* New: variable “bcombat_degradation_distance”, distance ( unit to player ) over which some bCombat features get cut in order to achieve better performance in crowded battles ( many hundreds of units ).
* New: variable “bcombat_skill_multiplier”
* Tweaked: AI units being hit more likely to prioritize shooting on threat.

Core features:
* Fixed: HandleDamage EH related issue, possibly breaking respawn scripts (thanks LSD_Timewarp82).
* Fixed: bug somewhat reducing responsiveness of suppressed units.
* Fixed: bug in grenade handling (thanks Torndeco).
* Fixed: AI units not scared by campfires anymore.
* New: Added 1 second post-spawn delay for unit initialization. Done in order to allow custom / third party scripts to be executed in the meantime.
* New: a few configuration variables within config.sqf.
* Tweaked: sensibly reduced spotting ability (about -50%) at night, for AI units wearing no night vision devices. 
* Tweaked: AI spotting ability sensibly affected by fog.
* Tweaked: bullet penalties rebalanced.
* Tweaked: AI aiming accuracy slightly increased in average.
* Tweaked: damage multiplier: damage from null source (e.g. from falling or setDamage ) is not multiplied anymore. For sake of campaign compatibility.
* Tweaked: AI units’ peripheral vision.
Optional features:
* Fixed: ArmA3 v1.10 compatible custom grenade and smoke throwing.
* New: lower ground penalty: Firing from lower ground reduces effectiveness of suppressive fire (and viceversa).
* Tweaked: further improvements to hearing and investigate behaviour




Download bCombat on fabrizio_T’s GitHub

Official BI forum thread




Hidden Identity Pack updated


Cunico has released a new version of his Hidden Identity Pack. This mod adds shemaghs, masks, and balaclavas to Arma 3.

Ironically, they look just as good on BLUFOR troops as they do on OPFOR baddies.




This mod adds shemaghs, masks, and balaclavas to Arma 3.




v2 initial release


Extra Mod Info:







Official BI forum thread


Preview Images:


















New version of ALiVE released


The ALiVE dev team has released a new version of their popular dynamic mission framework. As stated, this is more of a service release with several fixes, but more noteworthy is the added ability to run the ALiVE framework alongside Arma 3 ZEUS on unofficial A3 DEV Branch servers.


From the author:


We are happy to release the latest update for ALiVE, which mainly adresses usability issues and bugs, that – thanks to you all – have been stated in here, on our bug tracker or by our closed testers. Furthermore it enables the possibility to run ALiVE on the unofficial “perf”-server binaries and A3 DEV branch (e.g. ZEUS)! This release is meant to be a service release, so its not that huge, see our changelog for further details!




ALIVE is the next generation dynamic persistent campaign for ArmA3. Developed by the Multi Session Operations team, the easy to use modular mission framework provides everything that players and mission makers need to set up and run realistic military operations in almost any scenario up to Company level, including command, combat support, service support and logistics.




0.5.8-1403071 – no notes yet

[MIL/CIV PLACEMENT] Changed version-mismatch-check to only warning and not quit (to provide support for “perf” server binaries, and dev branch incl. ZEUS). 
Mind you still get a warning, but MIL/CIV MP modules and OPCOM will work! Take into account that we cannot and will not provide any support for anything other than A3 stable branch, A3 DEV is highly unstable!
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Fixes & Features:
– Callsign not displayed in chat
– ROE and RTB not set correctly after Insertion was used
– Grid References are now stated
– added ability to use TFR backpacks
– Changed lowest possible insertion height to 5m
[MIL_CQB / CIV & MIL PLACEMENT] fixes & Changes: 
– TAOR and Blacklist broke in SP and HOST, if several MIL modules (CQB/MP) shared the same marker
– Changed name Density to Probability on CQB (as its less misleading)
– Changed name Whitelist to TAOR on CQB (to be in line with MP modules)
[MIL_CQB] fixed:
– Civilians spawned in as EAST
– integrated CQB debug (toggle)
– changed activating virtual profile debug to service bus async method (fixes freeze and _idvx script error)




The official ALiVE website


Additional Info:


Official list of ALiVE Supported Factions



Middle East Irregulars mod updated


A new version of Drongo69’s Middle East Irregulars has been released. If you’ve grown tired of fighting the “Iranians from Outer Space” CSAT forces, this mod may be just what you’re looking for.




This addon attempts to simulate an “Al Qaida” type force in Arma 3.

Their uniform, headwear, vest and pack are randomized, so they provide a lot of variety. They are equipped with Russian weaponry from Massi’s weapon pack. There are also units mounted in a range of Massi and All In Arma vehicles and static weapons.





– Removed all protective vests and switched to bandoliers (as default)
– Allowed all units to be optionally equipped with tac-vests by placing a logic named driVests
– Fixed the incorrect faction side of the civilians (thanks ARJay)


  • – Added a few other BIS uniforms
  • – Attempted to make the addUniform command be applied globally using BIS_FNC_MP
  • – Overhauled the DRI_base class


  • – Added civilians and civilian groups


– Fixed the incorrectly named Strela launcher


– Fixed a config bug that made some OPFOR units spawn on BLUFOR


Extra Mod Info:


ALIVE faction names (case-sensitive):






BI forum thread


Preview Images:



Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah mod updated


Drongo69 and Chops have released an updated version of their “Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah” mod for Arma 3.




This addon adds the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah to Arma 3.




– Attempted to make the addUniform command be applied globally using BIS_FNC_MP
– Overhauled the SAA_base and HEZB_base classes
– Changed the vests available to Hezbollah

– Fixed incorrectly named automatic rifleman in the groups config


– Fixed the incorrectly named Strela launcher


– Added placeholder CSAT vehicles (big thanks to Sudden for his config help)


– Edited the Hezbollah config to remove the SAA helmet and vest




BI Forum Thread


Preview Images:










Arma 3 AGGRESSORS mod updated


The CAF Team has released a new version of their AGGRESSORS mod. This mod adds 3 new OPFOR factions, including Middle Eastern insurgents for anyone who misses fighting the Arma 2 Takistanis, and has no mod requirements.

IMPORTANT – You must delete CAF_AG (the 1.0 release) before installing the new version!

UPDATE – An important hotfix has just been released. Install this over the 1.5 update.




CAF_AG1.5 brings 3 new factions to the game in 1 easy to download and manage mod ( @CAF_AG1.5 ). Each faction is based on an existing group that have shown aggression towards western powers over the last decade.

Included factions:

– African Pirates and Civilians

– Middle Eastern Tribal Fighters and Civilians

– Eastern European Rebels



TESTED AND PROVEN on dedicated servers
Built for and works out of the box with ALIVE
Self contained weapons pack – AK47, AK74, AK74GL, RPK, PKM, SVD, RPG7
Head Gear and clothing from A2 Samples
Custom randomization scripts for each faction and their vehicles
10,8,6,4 man groups for infantry, 2 car technical groups
Random chance of Strela launcher depending on faction
Middle East and African Civilians



-Pirates = caf_ag_afr_p
-Civlians = caf_ag_afr_civ

Middle East:
-Tribal Fighters = caf_ag_me_t
-Civilians = caf_ag_me_civ

East Europe:
-Rebels = caf_ag_eeur_r





-fixes Group issues with Middle East Fighters and Server Verification issues

-Fixed many many errors, should be much more stable
-Pack re-written completely, Must DELETE 1.0 or you will have issues
-Added Civilians for Africa and Middle East
-Added NEW weapon sounds by JSRS
-Groups tweaked slightly
-Factions re-named
-Added MCC compatibility
-classlists.txt included in download (@CAF_AG1.5\classlists.txt)

Initial Release




Official BI forum thread


Preview Images: