Preview images for “Geronimo’s Slumber Party” released


Below are some preview images from the upcoming mission “Geronimo’s Slumber Party”, which features the most accurate rendition of Osama bin Laden’s infamous Abbottabad compound yet achieved for Arma 3.

Creation of the compound in Arma 3 was achieved using a variety of techniques, including using a transparent overlay from satellite images to arrive at the proper proportions in the BIS Editor. Then the entire model was scaled up slightly to better match the size of ingame buildings and objects, and to provide better gameplay and flow for multiplayer co-op.

“Geronimo’s Slumber Party” features DEVGRU operators, as well as a garrison of Tehrik-e Taliban (TTP) militants loyal to bin Laden, and well-armed veteran al-Qa’ida soldiers moving in to secure bin Laden’s escape after he is alerted to local CIA intelligence efforts against him.

Players are tasked with an urgent, desperate assault on the compound, against a hasty yet formidable defense, to ensure that bin Laden doesn’t slip away. The mission is currently in alpha testing.

Details to follow as we get closer to release.


Preview Images:


GeronimoSP_1 GeronimoSP_2 GeronimoSP_3 GeronimoSP_4 GeronimoSP_5











DCS 1.2.7 update 1 is now available


Hot on the heels of the release of 1.2.7, Update 1 has been released for DCS.

You can update via the ingame update manager, or download the updated full client on the DCS World Download page.




DCS Change Log
  • Multiplayer. Improved server stability.
  • Combined Arms. Multimonitor Setup. Compass scale will shows in right position.
  • A-10C. CADC will works after repair.
  • F-15C. TWS. Added command ‘Return To Search/NDTWS’. ‘Unlock TWS Target’ renamed to ‘Target Unlock’ command.
  • UH-1H manual updated.
  • Group fails to spawn if group ID is not specified for coalition. Fixed.
  • Su-25T. The CCIP mark will movable in the all height of HUD.
  • Fixed wrong location and name of the video file after video rendering.
  • A-10A. Corrected cockpit shape and textures.
  • ATGM launchers doesn’t launch second missile. Fixed.
  • Some minor graphics tunes.


Source – DCS News page


Massi’s USSOCOM 75th Ranger DEVGRU and Delta Force mod updated


One of the few mods I consider essential for Arma 3 has just been updated. As with all of Massi’s mods, they are top notch, and I highly recommend using them.




This addon is a retexture of NATO units, and adds several camouflage uniforms plus multicam and coyote gear and coyote helmets in order to represent US NAVY SEAL DEVGRU units.




v 1.2 date 07/FEB/2014

– added compatibility with ALIVE MOD

– added new weapons and launchers from my NATO Sf/SPETSNAZ weapons pack

– added OA SF helmets

– added breacher units

– updated armor values to meet BI standards

-updated signatures keys




BI forum thread


Preview Images:



CMBN Combat Mission Battle For Normandy – 1 AT round, 26 casualties


Being primarily a gaming and entertainment blog, I just had to dig up this video of mine and share it.

I don’t do much on YouTube, mostly because the games I play with my buddies are usually strategy games which can take hours, and for solo play I’m all about sims, neither of which usually make for exciting YouTube videos of any reasonable length. However, I recorded this replay from Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy (CMBN) last year out of sheer disbelief – and to save for posterity one of my most humiliating moments in nearly three decades of wargaming.

The complexity of Combat Mission’s ballistic modeling is famous for its real-life fidelity, taking into account everything from muzzle velocity to armor slope and thickness. This is no arcade game or run of the mill RTS…every bullet and shell is modeled in sophisticated detail, from the moment it leaves the barrel, through its parabolic flight, to its impact on the target. It really is a simulation, which is probably why it’s been my favorite squad-level land combat sim for the last decade. If it couldn’t happen in real life, it couldn’t happen in Combat Mission. That’s what makes this replay video all the more unbelievable.

In short, I’m playing a tough mission in CMBN called “Carbide Carbide” where U.S. forces are attacking a treacherous and heavily defended German town. After a grueling fight, my men have pushed far into the town, and now have the enemy on the run. All that’s left is assaulting house-to-house to clean up the stragglers who are cowering under heavy fire, and drive them out of the town once and for all. After losing this mission at least 3 or 4 times before, victory is finally within my grasp. I could just taste it.

Just as I’m gathering the rest of my forces to move in and support the assault teams to deal the killing blow, they happen to bunch together and cross paths as they move through a narrow gap in the hedgerows. At that very moment, a German PAK antitank round slams hard into one of my Shermans. If you look closely, just after the Sherman on the right fires, you can see a tiny “puff” down the road in the distance as the PAK fires from clear across the map in what can only be described as a “one in a million shot”. No doubt that gun crew deserved the Iron Cross that day.

I call it one in a million because the resulting catastrophic explosion results in the loss of both Shermans, a Jeep, and a staggering 26 men killed. All from a single round. I must have sat there with my jaw hanging open for a good 5 minutes before even had the heart to watch the replay again and see exactly how it happened.

I’ve suspected it for a long time, but I finally have conclusive proof that computers are in fact sore losers.