Griff’s Sphax Texture Pack – important hotfix released


I’ve just released an important update for Griff’s Texture Pack for Resonant Rise. Thanks to some helpful users on the RR forums, I was able to identify a problem with the pack, and realized that I goofed. I accidently left some 512x WIP textures in the pack instead of resizing them down to 64x.

On a reasonably good machine, you probably would not have noticed a performance hit, but with an older video card, you might have experienced a few lost FPS since the last update. Not a gamebreaker, but still an oversight that needed to be fixed. I have resized and re-added the offending textures, and while I was at it, I also made a few quick updates to the pack.

If you’re a Dartcraft user in particular, you should update to version 14a immediately.


Mods updated


– Tinkers Construct (minor tweaks)

– Extra Tic (minor tweaks)

– Thaumic Tinkerer


Mods added


– GregTech (currently unsupported since none of us use GT, but it seems to work fine so far)


Fixes and enhancements


– Dartcraft textures have been fixed

– finally got around to substituting Emasher textures for Chisel’s un-Spahx-ified Limestone and Marble. No more unsightly worldgen!